RCI’s newest ASU

The new RCI A150L300 ASU features state of the art design engineering, quality equipment, and reliability at a price that our competitors can’t match.

This ASU is offered as a merchant ASU, producing a combination of liquid products or a 150 short ton Oxygen gas unit. The stand alone 300 short ton Nitrogen liquefier is available separately as an addition to gaseous Nitrogen processes where LIN is desired.


40 to 150 short tons > 99.5% liquid oxygen (LOX).

  • 0-110 short tons > 99.5% gaseous oxygen (GOX) @ 1.5 PSIG. (Produces 150 short tons with liquefier down).
  • 150 to 260 short tons < 5 PPM O2 liquid nitrogen (LIN)
  • 90 to 200 short tons < 5 PPM O2 gaseous nitrogen (GAN) @ 1 PSIG.
  • 307 short tons of combined LOX/LIN/LAR liquid product @ 7700 KW. (Includes 7 short tons of liquid Argon)


    • Liquid and gaseous product production can be easily adjusted to demand by adjusting the production of gaseous Oxygen to atmosphere or to a pipeline customer.
  • A traditional DEOXO Argon purification system reduces LAR system start up time and greatly reduces recovery time after the occasional plant upset. Argon recovery is > 85%.


  • 3000 HP Cameron or Atlas Copco centrifugal main air compressor (MAC)
  • Chemical Design Mole Sieve Prepurifier Unit (PPU) and Argon Deoxidation Skid (DEOXO).
  • RCI designed and built coldbox with Chart heat exchangers and trayed columns built by Hetsco, Inc. Packed Argon column with Sulzer packing, also by Hetsco.
  • 8000 HP Cameron Feed/Recycle compressor.
  • ACD Turbo Expanders and cryogenic product loading pumps.
  • Delta V automated computer control system.
  • Fully automated trailer fill system.
  • CEXI disposal fan.


Contact RCI today to discuss how the A150L300 plant can fit your requirements. RCI can offer this unit or can custom design an ASU of any size or type desired by our customers.