Hydrogen Plant

DESIGN BASIS Plant Designer:Howe Baker Year Built:1997 Design Capacity: 14.26 MMSCFD H2 @ 99.9% purity and 250 psig Export Steam:25,504 lbs/hr, 150 psig Feedstocks: Natural Gas Feed, Fuel and Catalytic Reformer off Gas Feed   PROCESS STEPS Feed Desulfurization Steam/Hydrocarbon Reforming Carbon Monoxide Shift Conversion H2 Compression H2 Purification Heat Recovery and Steam Generation   LIST OF MAJOR EQUIPMENT VI101 A/B Desulfurizer HI101 A/B Reformer VI112 Steam Drum EI101 Process Steam Generator VI102 High Temperature Shift converter VI103 Low Temperature Shift converter VI111 Deaerator VI104 Process Condensate drum CI201 A&B H2 Compressors PI32021 & 26 PSA Absorber (6) DI32045 Tail … Continue reading

50 TPD REVEX APCI plant with a design production purity of 95%

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325 to 380 TPD O2 Plant

99.5% O2 800,000 SCFH N2 < 5PPM O2 Contact Us for Details Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

200 TPD O2 Plant @ 99.5% O2

643,000 SCFH N2 @ 99.985% 10 TPD Argon Contact Us for Details Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

600 TPD O2 Plant @ 99.5% O2

1400 TPD N2 > 10 PPM O2 25.5 TPD Argon Contact Us for Details Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn


Ready for immediate installation from recently canceled project Coldbox has been rehabbed and tested All control valves rebuilt Rebuilt Expander and Product compressor New Mole Sieve system New Refrigeration Unit New Defrost heater and Moisture Separator New Hybrid, Water cooling system New Cameron Air Compressor New Analysers, Panel, and I/O Panel ALL Installed in A Falcon 40′ X 8′ CONTROL ROOM Includes New Delta-V Control System New MCC All new pre fabbed pipe and supports Designed to fit on a 70′ X 80′ flat concrete pad.   Contact us for details. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

A70/L200 with Stand Alone Liquefier

Manufacturer: Air Products Year Built: 1979 Can be used as a 70 ton 99.5% O2 GOX plant with approximately 200,000 SCFH GAN at < 5PPM O2 AND 1.5 psig and 2 tons per day Crude Argon or for liquid products with the stand alone liquefier. LOX and LIN production can be varied by GOX vent. Stand alone 200 ton per day liquefier will work on any nitrogen stream with 1.5 PSIG feed and 200,000 to 250,000 SCFH flow. Can be purchased together or separately. RCI can design and supply an Argon purifier, if desired. Contact RCI for more information or … Continue reading

190,000 scfh N2 plant

10,000scfh liquid N2 – N2 Purity 5ppm O2 Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

100,000 SCFH N2 Generator

This plant produces 100,000 SCFH N2 @ < 5 PPM O2 at 35 PSIG. The facility utilizes a Joy main air compressor, Garret Air Research expander and Ansutech (Nippon Sanso) coldbox. It was originally built in 1988. It is a reversing heat exchanger type, but could be converted to mole sieve front end. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn


3 TONS PER DAY LIQUIDE ARGON 99.998. 50 OR 60 CYCLE. JUST SHUT DOWN IN FALL 2006 Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

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