Plant Relocation – Ranch Cryogenics, Inc. (RCI) specializes in air separation unit (ASU) and CO2 plant relocation and recomissioning. We provide end-to-end solutions from the dismantling and transport, to the reassembly and plant start-up. RCI has relocated plants with few drawings and has retrofitted equipment to meet new requirements at the new location. We can provide engineering services for required modifications that might be required at the new location

ASU Design and Construction – RCI can design and supply new production plants to meet your exact industrial gases needs. Construction Supervision can be supplied for new plant construction or existing plant modifications.

Control System Design – RCI custom designs Fisher-Rosemount Delta V plant control systems. We refurbish and upgrade legacy control systems and create custom solutions. We design and fabricate our own control and analyzer panels. We have experience installing and commissioning FDA validation compliant systems in the U.S. We can utilize both traditional field device systems and FieldBus/DeviceNet field devices.

Onsite Field Service / Relief Operations – RCI provides operations, training and management support services to non-industrial gas companies that own their own onsite production plants. Start up personnel can be provided for new plant commissioning or existing plant start ups, derimes or maintenance turnarounds. We have some of the best start up people in the business. Fill in operators can be utilized from RCI for employee shortages, vacations and illness situations.

Plant Troubleshooting and Support – RCI technicians can provide troubleshooting expertise when you are experiencing operational problems. We have in-house instrument technicians to provide NIST traceable instrument calibrations, installations and troubleshooting for all your plant .

LNG/CNG – Ranch Cryogenics has LNG plant design experience and is getting more involved in this exciting part of our industry.  We can custom design, install and commission extremely efficient cutting edge LNG liquefiers to fit any customer requirements.  We can also design and/or install CNG vehicle fill stations at your location.  CNG for automobiles and truck is on the rise and RCI is ready to use our industrial gas knowledge to be part of the movement!

Global Network and Reach  – RCI has the industry contacts to obtain parts and services when you require them. We have close relationships with some of the most respected vendors in the industrial gases industry. You have expert help available at all times.