Air Separation & CO2 Plant Relocation Services

Many customers prefer to purchase or relocate a used or “pre-owned” ASU or CO2 plant that has been decommissioned at its original location. This method offers some great economical and project timeline advantages if there is a good fit available. Sometimes a good fit is not immediately obvious. Many plants can be slightly modified to increase or even decrease the originally intended production rates. 60 HZ machines can be modified to work at 50 HZ and vice verse. O2 or N2 gas generators can be fitted with liquefiers to provide liquid products and liquid plants can often be modified to produce gaseous products. Outdated control systems can be replaced with modern systems and pneumatic controls can be converted to electronic units. RCI has the experience and engineering capability to successfully accomplish all of these scenarios.

Cryogenic Ranch maintains many business relationships in and out of the industrial gas industry to stay informed on what pre-owned ASU and CO2 plant are available.

Once a good fit is located, the unit can be purchased from RCI and a schedule can be developed. RCI can provide engineering services to modify or retrofit existing equipment to your specific requirements. Plant equipment dismantling, packing and transportation services are typically handled by RCI personnel. Compressors, expanders, pumps, valves, motors and other related equipment are sent to premier service companies with a history of successful projects, for inspection and refurbishment. RCI can provide several of these services internally, particularly rotating machinery and instrumentation refurbishment.

While engineering work is in progress and refurbishment work commences, plans are developed to begin and complete underground and civil work at the new site. When the refurbished equipment is ready to ship, arrangements are made to install it at the site to begin the installation.

On US projects, Ranch Cryogenics can provide a complete turn key project on plant relocation or can offer any mix of services desired by our clients. Overseas projects require that we offer construction supervision of our customer’s contractors only, in addition to engineering, dismantling, refurbishment and shipping services in the US.

RCI will provide testing, commissioning and start up services for your relocated plant, as desired by our client. Relocated units generally carry no production guarantees, however Ranch will provided services as required to maximize plant production and efficiency. Refurbishment work on equipment generally carries a one year warranty.

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