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A70/L200 with Stand Alone Liquefier

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A70/L200 with Stand Alone Liquefier

A70/L200 with Stand Alone Liquefier Description:


Manufacturer: Air Products

Year Built: 1979

Can be used as a 70 ton 99.5% O2 GOX plant with approximately 200,000 SCFH GAN at < 5PPM O2 AND 1.5 psig and 2 tons per day Crude Argon or for liquid products with the stand alone liquefier. LOX and LIN production can be varied by GOX vent. Stand alone 200 ton per day liquefier will work on any nitrogen stream with 1.5 PSIG feed and 200,000 to 250,000 SCFH flow. Can be purchased together or separately. RCI can design and supply an Argon purifier, if desired. Contact RCI for more information or to make an offer.

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